SFI London Honor Advance in 2013
On April 5, 1995 the company was entered into the trade register for the first time. Originally starting as an English equity insurer, SFI London has developed over the years into the globally active financial services provider that it is today.

The year 2013 marks an important event for SFI London as it celebrates its 18th year anniversary. Established in 1995, SFI London pioneered the concept of offering a Vacation Ownership linked Deferred Security in the world, based along the assumption that no other product existed of its form.
SFI London current portfolio of Host Resorts, Private Residence Clubs and Full Time Ownership Resorts includes over 180 vacation ownership properties worldwide, with more and more vacation developments that are beginning to turn to SFI London for its invaluable sales tool for securities of foreign investments.
The Deferred Security is a post-sale, fixed-term financial product that can only be purchased directly from SFI London. Vacation Ownership members get to enjoy the freedom and guarantee that their vacation investment is protected for the following years and also feel confident that they will receive a guaranteed lump sum payment upon the deferred security’s maturity date that covers their membership purchase value.

Based in London, we offer integrated solutions in international wealth management and investment strategies in vacation ownerships for individuals and families worldwide, using an open-architecture business model. With an open architecture platform, we have access to a wide array of products and thousands of mutual funds and alternative investments.
This platform allows us to offer what we believe are optimal solutions tailored to the client’s specific objectives, free from the constraints of having proprietary products. 

About Us



Because in many parts of the world, vacation property owners have become familiar with funding their purchase through stock market investments which pay out at the end of a specified time period, we are the premier provider of Vacation Ownership linked Deferred Securities with the best pay out in the vacation market.

In 1995, after years of studying the behavior of the Vacation Ownership industry, Grant Williams, President & CEO of SFI London, expanded on the idea of funding traditional property purchases and specifically designed a product that enables vacation ownership members the opportunity to secure 100% return of their investment over a fixed term based on the equity of the property.

In the early stages, SFI London worked in partnership with a handful of resorts and vacation clubs in Europe. The concept has been universally well received and today more than 180 Host Resorts, Private Residence Clubs and Full Time Ownership Resorts worldwide are utilizing this invaluable benefit to complement their vacation ownership sales.

SFI London financial expertise derives from a team who are experienced in both investment banking (SFI London Securities, LLC) and the Vacation Ownership industry (SFI London Advisors, LLC). In understanding the concerns and experiences of vacation property owners, and taking advantage of diversification opportunities that allow our investment funds to achieve the highest capital gain, SFI London has been able to craft and deliver a specialized, fixed-term investment product.  Our investment portfolio strategically utilizes offshore tax havens, enabling us to adapt to continuing changes in the financial markets worldwide.


First step: Understanding the client

Since everyone’s financial situation and investment profile in vacation ownerships is different, we first want to understand your current financial needs and long-term objectives before making any recommendations to you.

SFI London offers several different investment management alternatives:


SFI London Advisors LLC. Offers personalized discretionary investment management services to its clients. Clients are asked to provide  SFI London Advisors LLC. with certain information with respect to their current financial holdings, investment objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and time horizon.
The Firm will also inquire as to the restrictions the client wishes to impose on the management of the accounts. From the information that is supplied by the client, SFI London Advisors LLC. constructs an allocation mix and a vacation investment strategy that it believes is suitable for that client. 


SFI London Advisors LLC. also offers limited discretionary advisory services tailored to its clients. As with the discretionary accounts, clients are asked to provide the Firm with information regarding their financial profile and any restrictions the client wishes to impose on the management of the accounts.

  For limited discretionary accounts, SFI London Advisors LLC. will recommend an investment strategy, allocation mix, or changes to the client's existing portfolio that the Firm believes is suitable for that client. The client approves or disapproves each recommendation made by the Firm. Upon approval of any recommendation, the Firm will arrange for affecting the securities transaction(s) recommended.
Our Advisory Services have been designed for those clients who like to be actively involved in the decision-making process. We provide investment ideas, advice and guidance but the client retains ultimate investment control.

SFI London offers an “execution only” alternative for those clients who wish to monitor their portfolio and make all investment decisions without active,ongoing advice from us. SFI London Securities LLC offers an “execution only” investment platform at competitive rates. 
Under this alternative, the client is provided with an initial investment and/or strategy recommendation and may choose from an array of financial products such as securities, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, options, structured products, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and hedge funds.


In The United Kingdom

SFI London Securities LLC is an introducing broker-dealer and clears all transactions through IBC.
At SFI London, your accounts are held at SFI London LLC. IBC’s strength, reputation, and leading technology platform are just a few of the reasons we choose to partner with them.

In Other Financial Centers:

SFI London Advisors LLC provides access to other custodians and operating platforms to manage your investments all over the world.


Whether you have a specific need or a preference to maintain your assets in other countries, our business model allows us to manage accounts with other financial institutions in major financial centers outside London (Geneva, Luxembourg, Panama and North America).  This service is offered through SFI London Advisors, LLC.

The International Banking Center (IBC) offers investors over 100 Banks from more than 32 countries around the world, especially from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Some of these banks carry out their operations to and from Panama, as a consequence of the favorable banking environment. The IBC focuses on efficiency, reliability regulation of the banking center, supervision, security of the system, free flow of capital, historical background records, application of international standards and best practices that have made it one of the strongest banking centers in the region.

At the end of December 2013, the banking center of Panama reflected a continued dynamism in the banking supported by its strength both in financial indicators such as adequate levels of solvency. The assets of the banking center at the end of 2013 amounted to USD 97 billion 928 million, which represents an increase of 9.1% compared to 2012, in numbers released by the Superintendence of Banks of Panama.

The domestic credit increased 10.4%, which is consistent with the growth of the Panamanian economy, for which a positive performance is expected of 8.5% in 2014. The credit was driven by portfolios of mortgage loans (13.5 % more), consumer (13.5%) and interim construction financing (23.9 %). Meanwhile, the quality indicators of the portfolio reflect "an improving trend", with a total delinquency increased from 3.4 % in 2010 to 2.4 % in 2014. Liquidity, meanwhile, remains at levels close to 60 % in the Banking System.

In addition, Panama is one of the most secure international offshore centers in the world. The Panama Stock Exchange is one of the fastest-growing in the region. Since beginning operations in 1990, the local securities market suffered a positive transformation that allowed the widening of the market and increased the number of intermediaries in the first decade of operations.



Our Linked Deferred Securities (LDS) are 25-year term investment products which contain embedded equity put option over the reference shares. At maturity, the investor has the option to withdraw the embedded equity plus the interest generated on a compound structure system. Our LDS are principal-protected, i.e. the investor is guaranteed to receive 100% of the original amount invested at maturity plus the compound interest.

Product Features

If you are seeking to earn a potentially guarantee interest income on your vacation investment, DLS is one of the investment options that might be suitable to you.

To invest, you need to make the following decisions:

Investors can choose from a wide range of vacation ownerships worldwide to suit your needs. (Subject to availability and prevailing market conditions)

Investor can choose size of equity value to be secured.

Fixed interest rate for the first 5/10 years of the security, and interest subject to market conditions for the time remaining for the security to reach maturity.

Invest like an Expert
Let our SFI Advisors guide you to the best Financial Analysis for your vacation ownership investment option. Our LDS guarantee the payment of the original investment including the payment of the interest over the time, resulting in cumulative profit for the investor.

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